• Premium Shipping and Handling Labels
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What is the cost to you for items lost or damaged in transit?

Shipping & Handling Labels are pre-printed labels that bring attention to specific instructions and warnings, so shipping personnel along the entire route handle your precious cargo appropriately. Packaging labels have a broad range of uses including identifying fragile or dangerous substances, communicating handling instructions, and identifying shipping contents including packing slips, hardware, and merchandise.

Pressure Sensitive Labels for Clear and Effective Package Labeling

Pressure sensitive labels are an easy, affordable, and effective way to convey messages on shipping boxes and materials. Our premium labels have permanent adhesive and are pre-printed with a wide variety of standard shipping instructions, cautions, and warnings. All premium labels are printed using bold colors for visibility and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. We also stock labels with Military Standard markings, and rush labels to identify temperature-sensitive goods such as medical supplies.
Your package is important. Let shippers and handlers know how to treat it properly, so it not only reaches its proper destination, but it arrives safely and intact. Our extensive catalog of shipping and handling labels is sure to include the pressure sensitive labels you need to communicate your requirements for care and caution for your packages, no matter the size.
Browse our wide selection of in-stock packaging labels or contact us to discuss options for customized pressure sensitive labels that suit your needs.


America’s Finest Selection of Shipping & Handling Labels

All our pressure sensitive labels are made in the USA and offered in various materials, colors, and sizes. Our premium labels feature fade-resistant, colorfast inks and scratch-resistant gloss paper to provide you clear, durable labeling that withstands the elements during transit.
We offer pre-printed labels with a range of standard messaging options, including shipping address and package contents labels. Our in-stock, shipping and handling label options include:  
  • Fragile Labels
  • Glass Labels
  • Hot & Cold Labels
  • Shipping & Packaging Labels
  • Danger & Caution Labels
  • Do Not Labels
  • Arrow Labels
  • Delicate Instrument Labels
  • Rush Labels
  • Shipping & Mailing Labels
  • Military Standard Labels 

Request a Quote for Pre-Printed or Custom Shipping & Handling Labels

We offer pressure sensitive labels for shipping & handling, hazardous materials, color coding, and much more. If you are not able to find just the right pre-printed label for your requirements, we can customize one to your specifications. Request a quote today!