Avoid a Shocking Event and Protect Your Bottom Line

Static electricity damages the internal components of computers and other electronics, resulting in costly product losses.  Protect your valuable computer and electronic devices from improper handling by clearly labeling their parts and packaging with Anti-Static and ESD Caution Labels. The American electronics industry loses an estimated $5 billion per year due to ESD damage. Avoid contributing to this loss and protect your bottom line.

America’s Finest Reasons to Go Anti-Static

Electronics and computer packaging labels identify electrostatic sensitive devices for proper handling and to prevent damage to sensitive devices. Our line of pre-printed labels includes Anti-Static Labels and ESD Caution Labels to meet a range of packaging needs. We print our premium labels on matte material using removable or permanent pressure sensitive adhesive for application on exterior packaging or directly on products. Bright fluorescent colors and bold black text make your message highly visible during the packaging and shipping process.
Our selection of premium quality electronics packaging labels meets a range of standards and specifications, including:
  • MIL-STD-129 P Military Standard: This standard is used by the United States Department of Defense and other government organizations and exists to maintain uniformity when labeling military equipment and supplies transported via ship.
  • Electronics Industries Association: EIA standards include several guidelines and best practices for handling and packaging electronics.  
  • JEDEC-14: These guidelines set standards for labeling integrated circuits and other static sensitive devices for the microelectronics industry.
Select the anti-static labels and ESD caution labels that meet your packing requirements, or contact us to discuss options for customization.

Premium Quality Electronics Packaging Labels

Our ESD caution labels and anti-static labels are made in the USA and feature bright colors and bold print to clearly and effectively communicate important information. We offer several pre-printed labels and can work with you to create custom computer packing labels that meet your specific needs. 

Anti-Static Labels

Electronics and similar devices contain components that are easily damaged by static electricity. Our anti-static labels are printed in bright colors and feature bold text and images to communicate handling and care instructions. We offer permanent and removable anti-static labels in several sizes and styles to label your static sensitive products. Labels meeting MIL-STD-129 P, EIA, or JEDEC-14 are available. Select from the following label types:
  • Anti-Static Caution
  • Static Sensitive Device
  • Electrostatic Device

Static Electricity Warning Labels

Static electricity warning labels ensure proper handling of electronics and other sensitive products and prevent damage from static electricity. Our static electricity warning labels meet EIA and JEDEC-14 requirements and are printed on bright red paper to help your message stand out. Select from two pre-printed labels sizes with the following message.
  • Static Electricity Warning

Learn More About Our In-Stock and Custom Anti-Static and ESD Caution Labels

America’s Finest Labels offers computer packaging labels and a wide variety of other premium labels to meet your needs. While each stock label you see is ready to be shipped today, we can also customize any of these labels to meet your specific requirements within a short turn-around timeframe. Request a quote for your electronics packaging labels today!