Effective Communication in Any Language

International Pictorial Labels boldly communicate shipping and handling requirements and warnings for your international shipments and packages. Our series of International Pictorial Labels will allow you to clearly instruct all package handlers with handling marks and cautionary marks using standardized international pictorial symbols. International Pictorial Labels give clear visual cues in any language.

International Packaging Labels

International Pictorial Labels from America’s Finest Labels are made in the USA and are offered in a range of solutions to meet your shipping needs and meet ANSI and ISO requirements. Our pressure sensitive labels withstand exposure to dirt and moisture and come in a wide variety of message options to protect fragile and heat-sensitive products during shipping. We offer a whole series of pre-printed labels and can produce custom labels to meet your specific international shipping needs.

America’s Finest Solutions to International Labeling Requirements

Our pressure sensitive labels are made in the USA using fade-resistant, color-fast ink and scratch-resistant gloss paper to withstand harsh conditions during handling and transport. We print our International Pictorial Labels in standard red and black for visibility and clear communication and offer a variety of size options. Browse our selection of pre-printed labels or contact us to discuss customization options.

“Do Not” International Pictorial Labels

Our Do Not Stack packaging labels prevent mishandling and damage by communicating clear instructions using text and internationally understood images. Message options include:
  • Do Not Stack
  • Do Not Tilt
  • Do Not Top Load
  • Fragile No Rattle
  • Do Not Use Blades to Open

Fragile International Pictorial Labels

Protect glassware and other breakables by clearly labeling your shipping boxes with our premium labels. We offer the following message options for our Fragile packaging labels:
  • Fragile
  • Fragile Keep Dry
  • Fragile No Rattle
  • Do Not Drop
  • Fragile Do Not Stack

Hot & Cold International Pictorial Labels

Packages containing food and other items sensitive to heat or cold require clear, internationally recognized labeling to prevent spoiling, damage, and hazardous situations. We offer several messaging options for our Hot & Cold International Pictorial Labels, including:
  • Protect from Heat
  • Perishable
  • Keep Frozen
  • Do Not Freeze
  • Keep Away from Heat
  • Refrigerate Do Not Freeze
  • Keep from Freezing

Shipping & Caution International Pictorial Labels

Add additional messaging to your shipments with our shipping & caution packaging labels. The premium labels can be used alone or with any of our other standard and international pictorial labels to help your message stand out. Our available message options include:
  • Handle with Care
  • Keep Dry
  • International Arrow

Understanding the Different Packaging Label Standards

Our packaging labels comply with ANSI and ISO standards for shipping. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our products or their compliance with these requirements.  
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI): The ANSI Safety and Sign Standards specify the colors, signal words, and safety symbols used on labels to establish visual consistency.  
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO): The ISO 28219:2017 standard applies to package labels and direct product marketing and defines minimum requirements for identifying items. These standards include requirements for label formatting and marking labels for machine reading.

Request a Quote for Pressure-Sensitive International Pictorial Labels

We offer a wide selection of in-stock premium labels for all your domestic and international packaging needs. If you are not able to find just the right label for your requirements, we can customize one to your specifications. Request a quote today.