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Create Custom Labels for Products and Packaging

Custom labels are used on practically all packaged goods to identify brands and make products stand out from each other. They also provide customers with useful product information and help build a connection with them by telling your company story. Customized labels give you full control ranging from the type of paper used to colors, text and graphics. Custom labeling is a highly effective way to give your products a polished and professional look at an affordable price.

Customized Labels Give Your Products a Unique and Professional Look

America’s Finest Labels has experience working with a wide range of industries and can help you to create the exact custom label to suit your needs. Our large selection of pressure sensitive label materials includes paper, vinyl and specialty materials that have an adhesive backing and are easily applied using light pressure. Labels can be applied by hand or machine.
Our custom label offerings include:
  • Full service computerized graphics department
  • Up to six ink colors
  • Sizes up to 13” x 24”
  • Full color photographic images
  • Color illustration, line art and logos
  • Custom printed Specific Description labels
  • Imprinting on Stock labels
  • Custom imprinted mailing labels
  • Over 500 die cut shapes
  • Over 200 different type styles

Helping Products Stand Out with Custom Color Labels

Branding is everything. It not only shows who you are as an individual or company, but helps customers differentiate your product from others on the market. If a customer is browsing the products on a store shelf a bold or brightly colored label can help grab their attention. A personalized picture and message about your company history can also help customers feel connected to your brand. Even online retailers benefit from unique branding that helps get customers excited about their product when it arrives in the mail.
All our custom labels are printed on rolls for easy dispensing or in sheets for hand application. We provide full customer support throughout the entire process. Request a quote today to get started on your custom color label project!

Discover the Various Uses for Custom Labels

You have made a significant investment in creating and promoting your brand. Custom labels give your products a look that is unique and memorable, whether it’s bold colors, a die cut shape or attention-grabbing graphics. Some examples of uses for custom labels include:
  • Food Labels: Enhance the look of jars, wrappers, pouches, boxes and assorted containers that contain your special food products.  Communicate an impactful visual message while also communicating beneficial and required product and nutritional information.
  • Beer Labels: Whether you are a home brewer or own a craft brewery, adding a customized label is a great way to showcase your brand. Our durable, water-resistant custom beer labels are durable and give your bottles a professional look. Customize with graphics, an image or logo, or a special message.
  • Wine Labels: Create a customized wine label with a full color photo of your vineyard or original text or graphics. In the crowded wine department, a unique label can make your bottle stand out and get purchased.  You can also create custom wine labels for weddings, corporate events and more.
  • Cannabis Labels: In the cannabis industry, custom labels are used for package branding and to comply with state regulations. Provide customers with important information such as cannabinoid percentage, harvest dates, dosing, and other details. From cannabis candy to cbd oils and ointments, we can help you develop a custom label to suite your unique products.
  • Health & Beauty: The entrepreneurial world we live in is exciting for both individuals with a good idea wanting to start a business and the consumer who is being offered so many choices. You need your candles or soaps or supplements or any other product to stand out in the crowd. Work with us to provide a custom label designed to your specific product needs.

Updating the Look of Your Packaging with Custom Labels

Customized labels are an easy and effective way to personalize or update product and shipping packaging, whether you are rebranding, expanding your product line or just want to give your current brand a fresh look. The simple addition of a logo to a custom mailing label helps advertise your business and can have the same impact as custom packaging but at a significantly lower cost.

For the medical and commercial cannabis industries, customized labels save time and money when it’s time to update product packaging for compliance with state regulatory guidelines.

Selecting A Material for Your Quality Customized Labels

Material selection is just as important as the design of a custom label. Options include removable or permanent adhesive, weatherproof paper, paper, vinyl, specialty textured and clear label material. There is also matte, high gloss, holographic, foil other specialty laminates that complete the look of a custom label.
Different types of paper are used for black text versus a full-color photo or graphic to help images stand out. Products that will be exposed to moisture or condensation also require more durable or water-resistant paper to prevent label damage. Other considerations for label material include exposure to chemicals, hot or cold temperatures, and sunlight.  Our custom label experts can help you select the right material based on graphics, the application surface and how the product will be used.

Contact Us to Get Started on Your Custom Label Order

Request a custom quote for labels in the size, material and style that meet your needs. We also offer manual and automatic label dispensers for fast and easy dispensing.  If you are unsure of where to start, our team can help you through the selection process.  We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with excellent service and quality product.