Peace of Mind for Your Sensitive Packages

Protect your shipments from unseen damage and alert the receiver of any mishandling during transit. America’s Finest Labels offers 2 types of indicators to let you know if a package has been damaged in transit or handling by being tipped, upended or dropped beyond a specified G range.
Each impactor damage indicator comes with 2 warning labels; one to attach to the top or side of the shipping container and one attached to the bill of lading to alert the carrier and consignee that the shipment has been monitored.


Drop N Tell™ Impact Indicators

Drop N Tell™ impact indicators are a cost-effective system for monitoring package damage and alerting a receiver if their package has been dropped during transit. When a G range is exceeded, like when a package is dropped, the impact indicator is activated.

Tip N Tell™  Damage Indicators

Tip N Tell™  damage indicators alert a receiver if their package has been tipped during transit in the event of possible damage. These damage indicators are ideal for sensitive packages.

America’s Finest Reasons to Opt for Damage and Impact Indicators

  • Indicates concealed damage at the point of delivery
  • Self-adhesive backing makes them easy to mount to package
  • Each indicator comes with 2 warning labels to alert shippers and handlers that package is being monitored

Contact America’s Finest Labels for Adhesive Impact and Damage Indicators Today

America’s Finest Labels not only provides high quality self-adhesive impact and damage indicators, but we also offer superior customer service, going above and beyond to find the perfect labeling solution to meet your needs.

While each stock label you see on our website is ready to be shipped today, we can also customize any of these labels to meet your specific requirements within a short turn-around timeframe. Request a quote.