Miscellaneous D.O.T. Placards

America’s Finest Labels has a variety of Miscellaneous D.O.T. Placards to meet 49 CFR Requirements.

Placard Numbers and Number Kits

Our Placard Numbers and Number Kits can be used on either tagboard or vinyl D.O.T. 4-Digit Placard Blanks to customize them for your specific requirements. The 3 ½” high black numbers are printed on clear film or white vinyl panels that are 2 1/8” x 4”. These pressure sensitive number panels are self-spacing, and have removable adhesive, so they are easy to use. Individual numbers, 0 – 9, are available in packages of 50 panels. Number Kits are available in packages of 600 or 1200 panels (each kit comes with extra 0’s and 1’s).

Fumigant Placard

Our Fumigant Placard meets 49 CFR 173.9 requirements for cars, truck bodies, freight containers, or trailers containing lading which has been fumigated or treated with Class 3, Division 2.1, 2.3 or 6.1 materials.

Elevated Temperature Placards

Our Elevated Temperature Placards options will allow you to satisfy requirements for 49 CFR 172.325 and 172.336.  49 CFR 172.325 requires bulk packaging containing an elevated temperature material (except “Molten Aluminum” or “Molten Sulfur”) to be marked on two opposing sides with the word “HOT”. Our HOT Placard with imprinted # satisfies requirements of both CFR 172.325 and 172.336.

Limited Quantity Placards

America’s Finest Labels’ Limited Quantity Placards are designed for transport of limited quantities of Dangerous Goods. Choose from Limited Quantity Blank Placard for ground or water transport or Limited Quantity “Y” Placard for air transport.

Warning Placard

America’s Finest Labels’ Explosive Mixtures Warning Placard satisfies the requirements or CFR 176.905, and should be used on closed freight containers that hold equipment or vehicles that have fuel in their tanks.
For detailed explanation of hazard divisions and compatibility group letters, refer to the Code of Federal Regulations 49 (49 CFR).
While each stock placard you see is ready to be shipped today, we can also customize any of these placards to meet your specific requirements within a short turn-around timeframe. Request a quote.