Right To Know Labels

The Hazard Communication Standard specifically mandates that all containers of hazardous material be labeled with an appropriate warning. While this warning does not have to include all of the information contained on the Material Safety Data Sheet, it does have to convey enough information to tell the user the name of the chemical, the name and address of the manufacturer the type of hazard that exists, how to properly handle the chemical or type of protective equipment necessary, and possible specific damage (i.e., lung damage).
America’s Finest Labels’ Right To Know Labels provide you with the most popular label systems – HMIS & HMIG, using number rating and color coding for the three areas of Health (blue), Flammability (red) and Reactivity (yellow); and the Alphabetical rating for the type of personal protective equipment to use (white).
America’s Finest Labels also provides Right To Know Labels according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) coding system that are useful in safeguarding those involved in fire prevention and control. The NFPA color coded hazard areas are Fire (red), Instability (yellow), Specific (white) and Health (blue). These labels are useful in identifying materials whose fire hazard is not readily apparent.
All of America’s Finest Labels’ Right To Know labels are printed on gloss paper or vinyl with permanent pressure sensitive adhesive. They are manufactured to stay where you place them and withstand the elements. They are designed according to the Hazard Communication Standard, with bold color and clear design. Our labels are printed with UV inks on scratch-resistant material to keep your message looking good and communicating clearly for the duration of their journey.
If you are not able to find just the right label for your requirements, we can customize one to your specifications. Request a quote.