Anti-Static Caution Labels

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Prevent Shocking Damage to Your Products and Packages

Prevent damage to your static sensitive products by properly labeling them with the appropriate warnings and handling instructions. Choose from a variety of sizes and messages to meet your specific requirements.
America’s Finest Labels’ Anti-Static Caution labels are printed on 3 different materials to fit your different application needs. Most of our labels are printed on gloss paper with permanent pressure sensitive adhesive. Labels indicating Fluorescent Orange are printed on matte material with permanent adhesive. Labels indicating Removable are printed on uncoated material with removable adhesive.
They are all designed in bold layouts and bright colors to attract attention for special handling and care. The fade resistant, UV inks used for printing will keep your message looking good and communicating clearly for the duration.
You can select from labels that meet standards for MIL STD-129 P (Military), EIA (Electronics Industry Association) or JEDEC-14 (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council).
If you are not able to find just the right label for your requirements, we can customize one to your specifications. Request a quote.