International Pictorial Hot & Cold Labels

  • IPM-316-(C)
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If Your Package Can’t Stand the Heat… or Cold

No matter where in the world, or what language is spoken, America’s Finest Labels’ International Pictorial Hot & Cold Labels can help keep you out of hot water. The internationally recognized symbols will clearly communicate the proper handling for your temperature sensitive packages.
All of America’s Finest Labels’ International Pictorial Hot & Cold labels are printed on gloss paper with permanent pressure sensitive adhesive. They are manufactured to stay where you place them and withstand the elements while your package is in transit. They are designed according to ANSI & ISO standards using internationally recognized images so your shipping and handling instructions will be understood around the world. Our labels are printed with strong black and red fade resistant, color-fast inks on to scratch-resistant gloss paper to keep your message looking good and communicating clearly for the duration of their international journeys.
If you are not able to find just the right label for your requirements, we can customize one to your specifications. Request a quote today.